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Land Rights Voice

The Functionality of Area Land Committees in Bunyoro

Abreast with the numerous land conflicts fueled by among others, the irregularities in registration, administration and transfer of interests on land, causing untold misery among women and children - denying them shelter and food due to loss of homes and gardens from where to feed; the right to education following displacement of families to places in unreasonable distances to schools; social insecurity due to unjust loss of property unjustly; physical and psychological torture as some of them end up in jail and beaten bitterly in fighting back for their rights; and children whose parents lose life or get detained during the land wrangles, yawn helplessly without any provider for the basic needs - Child Rights Empowerment and Development

Organization (CEDOUganda) with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID Uganda) under the Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Equity and Peace (SAFE) Program, is implementing a 12 months project on Community Land Rights for Peace. The overall goal of the project is to contribute to enhanced peaceful co-existence among the citizenry in the districts of Masindi and Hoima through improved land governance and management practices. The two districts are situated in the Albertine region which is endowed with one of the most the valuable land resources that the few privileged members of society from within and without are scrambling for due to anticipated economic opportunities, which arise from the recent oil discoveries in the region.

Implementation of this project is anticipated to result into increased awareness of land rights among Men, Women & Youth; Increased access to legal justice to victims of land disputes in the region; Increased capability of existing institutions for land administration to promote land rights and sustain the project interventions; and increased ability of land disputes affected families to demand for –and access justice in formal and informal institutions.

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