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Baseline Survey For Households

In March 2017, CEDO–Uganda secured financial support from USAID/Uganda Private Health Support Program to execute a performance based grant activity titled “Skills and Livelihoods Training in Income Growth and Enterprise Development for HIV/AIDS Peer Support Group Members and VSLA Group Members”, to increase the ability of HIV/AIDS peer support groups members, Village Savings and Loan (VSLA) group members, and their respective households to pay for health services through economic strengthening initiatives. CEDO conducted a household livelihoods survey in four target districts of Jinja, Wakiso, Sheema and Rukungiri to establish the baseline information necessary to inform the design for project performance indicators of success. Specifically, the survey sought to answer two key questions:

1. What are the major social economic features that shape the targeted beneficiary group members for their skills enhancement?
2. To what extent do HIV peer support and VSLA group members have the ability to meet health and other basic needs?

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