Full Description

With financial support secured from USAID/Uganda Private Health Support Program, CEDO-Uganda is to implement a financial literacy and SPM training for HIV/AIDS peer support and VSLA group members, which are currently partnering with Integrated Community Based Initiatives (ICOBI) in Wakiso, Sheema, Jinja and Rukungiri districts.

A key element of the program is to engage in tailored made sessions to ensure that potential women and youth entrepreneurs have access to business development and financial services. This strategy seeks to facilitate financial management trainings to improve women and youth access to credit and banking knowledge. This is to ensure that skills training and development match the market demand and lead to clearly identifiable business opportunities.


Project Goal
Increased ability of HIV/AIDs per support group members, VSLA group members and their households to access safety, healthcare, education, and other basic needs through skills and livelihood training

Project Objectives

To empower at least 6,000 HIV/AIDs peer support group and VSLA group members in the 04 districts of Jinja, Wakiso, Sheema and Rukungiri with the necessary vocational and livelihood skills to raise themselves out of poverty and provide for their healthcare needs.


To provide support to 10 HIV/AIDs peer support group members and 100 VSLA group members in Jinja, Wakiso, Sheema and Rukungiri districts to start up contextually market driven businesses for self-employment and creation of jobs for fellow group members to improve HIV/AIDs affected households incomes to access essential services